Signs This site intends to survey all of the signs in New York City from 14th Street to 42nd Street.

Of course, this is not possible, since there would be tens of thousands of signs within this area. The 29 crosstown streets are each 10 to 11 blocks long (1st Ave. to 11th or 12th Aves.). This gives some 300 blocks, each containing, say, 100 signs of one type or another. This would total 30,000. Even if we eliminated the repetitive traffic signs (actually, each one is different, in setting if not otherwise), the remainder would probably be over 20,000 ...

Pizza Since it is possible to display only a small fragment of these images, the site will contain only a few highlights of the signs in this prolific area. The emphasis is on vintage signs but not exclusively. My earliest photographs date from the mid 1980's. Many of these signs no longer exist. Documentation is supplied wherever available.

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