Hotel Rutledge, 161-163 Lexington Ave. at 30th St. (1987)

The Hotel Rutledge began in 1914 as the The Hotel Rutledge for Women, a 12-story building at the northeast corner of Lexington Ave. and 30th St. Click for ad that ran in the New York Times 24 Nov. 1914. The original owners were T. Elliott Tolson, Frank P. William and Samuel Naylor. By 1922 management had passed to Charles Morton Bellak. (For more on Bellak see the Hotel St. Louis on 32nd St.)

The women-only policty lasted until early in the 1930s. This ad appeared in the New York Times in 1926.

In 1958 the New York Times reported that William Fromcheck had bought the hotel (containing at that time 175 rooms and 100 bathrooms) intending to alter it into apartments of 1 and 1/2 rooms each. It is not clear whether these alterations were made, but the hotel continued to function as the Hotel Rutledge until the mid-1990s when it became a Quality Inn, then a little later a Ramada Inn franchise.

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