Hotel Shelburne, 301 Lexington Ave. at 37th St. (2003)

Built in 1926 as a hotel, the Shelburne is still very much alive today with 263 rooms on 16 floors. You can check them out at

The above was written approximately 2003/2004. More current (March 2010) information would point to the website Affinia Shelburne, where guest rooms now number 323.

The original plans for the Shelburne were filed with the New York City Dept. of Buildings in 1925 for a 15-story brick stores and hotel building at 297-303 Lexington Ave. by the Morris White Holding Co., Morris White, president, of 366 Madison Ave. The architect was Charles B. Meyers, 31 Union Square ("Manhattan NB Database 1900-1986," (9 March 2010),

This classified ad for the Hotel Shelburne appeared in the New York Times, 24 April 1954, p. 32.

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