Baar & Beards
Baar and Beards Inc., 15 W. 37 St. (1986)

Baar and Beards, Inc., women's neckwear, opened for business in 1941. The firm was founded by Sylvan M. Baar (1897-1975) and Milton Beards (1906-1987). Both men were from Brooklyn, and both entered the neckwear profession early in life. Sylvan Baar appears in the U S Census of 1920 living with his father, Max Baar (an immigrant from Austria in 1888), and listing his occupation as "Salesman, Neckwear." Milton Beards, only 13 at the time of the 1920 Census, appears in the U S Census of 1930, listing his occupation as "Manager, Neckwear."

The original Baar & Beards sign at this location read "Baar & Beards / Ladies / Neckwear / & Scarfs." This can be seen in Lloyd Acker's photograph (no. 1974-4) at the New York Public Library. Acker's photo likely dates to the late 1940s or early 1950s. Baar and Beards remained in this building on 37th Street until 1998, when they moved to 350 5th Ave.

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