Thomas M Graham
Thomas M. Graham & Co., 570 7th Ave. at 41st St. (2004)

& CO. INC.
CH 4-0860

Thomas M. Graham & Co. is a real estate and development firm. The founder was Thomas Malcolm Graham (1903-1983). His obituary in the New York Times, 18 Apr. 1983, reads in part, "Thomas Malcolm Graham, a Manhattan real-estate developer who specialized in properties in Greenwich Village, died Saturday of complications after surgery at the Palm Beach Gardens Hospital in North Palm Beach, Fla. He was 80 years old and lived in North Palm Beach. Mr. Graham founded his own realty concern, Thomas M. Graham & Company, in 1933. From 1952 to 1965, he was president of the Lombardy Hotel on East 56th Street."

The company retained the telephone number CH 4-0860 from 1936 to 1976. They were located in this building during that time. The original number was CHickrng 4-0860. As of 2004 Thomas M. Graham & Co. were still in business in New York. Thomas M. Graham Jr. was president.

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