Beekman Paper & Card
Finck Building, 318-320 W. 39 St. (west wall) (2005)

Among others:
Columbia Photo Engraving
Beekman Paper & Card
Arrow Press
U S Navy Publicity
Neumann Brothers

Columbia Photo Engraving moved into this building in 1916: Charles M. Henninger (1872?- ), president; H. D. Brandes, treasurer; and A. L. Schmoeger, secretary. Previously they had been located at 2 Duane St. (from 1911). Columbia Photo Engraving seems to have gone out of business around 1937.

For Beekman Card and Paper see company history at Walter's other site: Fotos e Imagens.

Arrow Press, a letterpress printer, moved to this building in 1917: Jacques Pollack (1889 or 91? - 1974), president; Albert Wald, secretary; and William J. Schoonmaker, treasurer. Previously they had been located on 6th Ave. (1911), W. 23d St. (1913) and W. 32nd St. (1914). Lee Hoffman has an account of working for Arrow Press in the 1960s on her Biography page. By that time they had moved to the top floor of 636 11th Ave. near 46th St. Their slogan was "Salesmanship in Print."

The Neumann Bros., Joseph and Rudolph, also moved into this building in 1917: Joseph Neumann (1877-1964), pres.; Fred J. Rothacker, vice-pres. and Rudolph Neumann (1879-1979) sec-treas. They were printers and had previously been located at 124 White St. (1914-1916).

Joseph Neumann died age 87 in 1964. He was born in Hungary and came to the US in 1906. He appears in the 1920 US Census as Printer, living at 34 Fairview Ave., Staten Island, age 43, with wife Marie and daughter Edna. He is also in the 1930 US Census as Printer, living at 134 Fairview Ave., Staten Island, age 52, with wife Marie and daughter Edna G. Joseph Neumann's obituary appeared in the New York Times, 28 June 1964, p. 57.

Rudolph Neumann, also born in Hungary, is in the 1920 Census as Printer, Foreign Printing, living at 1639 Richmond Turnpike, Staten Island, age 40, with wife Dorothea and twin daughters Dorothea and Rosemarie; then in the 1930 Census as Printer, living at 1629 Victory Blvd., West New Brighton, Staten Island, age 50, with wife Dorothea and daughters Dorothea and Rosemarie. Both the Neumann brothers were long-lived. Rudolph lived past his 100th birthday: born 18 July 1879, died Oct. 1979.

The Neumann brothers were also proprietors of Linguistic Printers Co., specializing in non-English printing.

In 1934 Neumann Bros. moved to 150 Lafayette St. The business closed in the late 1940s.

The photo above of the signs on the Finck Building was taken from the apartment of Blair and Julie Jarvis who invited me to their home for the late afternoon view from this elevated angle. Thanks again Blair and Julie!

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