H Kleinman
H. Kleinman & Co., Coats & Suits, 240 W. 37th St. (2007)

Hyman Kleinman (1889-1971) was an immigrant from Galicia (Austria) in 1905/06. H. Kleinman & Co. began in 1920 on 6th Ave., and was located here on W. 37th St. from 1934 to 1954. Kleinman appears in the U. S. Census of 1920 (as Herman Kleinman) living in Brooklyn and giving his occupation as Operator Cloaks. Probably he did not have his own company at the time (the census was taken on January 15), but the company is listed in Polk's New York City Directory for 1920-21, which most likely contains no information later than 1920.

Hyman Kleinman's partner at H. Kleinman was Murray Ringelheim (1893-1964). Like Kleinman, he was an immigrant from Austria and lived in Brooklyn. Both men registered for the World War II draft in 1942, giving their place of employment as H. Kleinman & Co., 240 W. 37th St. Ringelheim registered as Moses Ringelheim, and he appears in the U. S. Census of 1920 as Morris Ringelheim. Death notices in 1964 use the form Murray Ringelheim

This ad for H. Kleinman dates from July, 1934. They were located on W. 38th St., but planning their move to 240 W. 37th.

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