132 W 36
[Fr]eight Entrance, 132 W. 36th St. (2008)

Plans were filed in 1921 for a 12-story fire proof building of show rooms, lofts and offices to be built at 132-8 W. 36th St. at an estimated cost of $500,000. The architect was Robert T. Lyons. (Dept. of Buildings, New Building Notice 602-21). (Thanks to Office for Metropolitan History, "Manhattan NB Database 1900-1986," (2008), http://www.MetroHistory.com for making this information available online.) The building is a mid-block building running through to 35th St. (139-145 W. 35th St.). The sign for a freight entrance on 36th St. seems to have been broken when a pipe was installed, chopping off the FR from freight and reducing the 35th St. address to 9 West 35th St.

In May 2008 Emporis.com listed 28 buildings designed by Robert T. Lyons in New York, but the list did not include 132 W. 36th St.! Prominent among those listed was the St. Urban Apartments, 285 Central Park West (1904-05).

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