New Yorker Hotel
New Yorker Hotel, 481 8th Ave. between 34th & 35th St.s (2008)

This canopy at a 35th St. entrance to the New Yorker Hotel is probably original with the construction of the building. The 43-story hotel was "completed in 1930 from plans by Sugarman and Berger" (The WPA Guide to New York City: The Federal Writers' Project Guide to 1930s New York, 1939). The architectural firm of Sugarman & Berger consisted of Morris Henry Sugarman (1888-1946) and Albert C. Berger (1879-1940). M. Henry Sugarman's obituary appeared in the New York Times, 13 Oct. 1946, p. 60.

New Yorker Hotel

The huge neon sign at the top of the building (facing west) may also be original with the building although it has undoubtedly undergone maintenance since 1930. Early photographs show a neon sign in this position with much the same configuration. See, for instance, this image dated 1941 in the New York Public Library's digital collections.

But this postcard view, mailed in 1952, shows a sign, but no neon. Of course, this photo may have been retouched and not be an accurate depiction.

This advertisement for the Hotel New Yorker appeared in the Manhattan telephone directory in 1960.

The hotel has a website where you can read facts about their history, etc.

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