Klauber Laces
Klauber Laces, 114 E. 32nd St. (2007)

Peeping out over the sidewalk bridge were these windows for Klauber Bros., lace importers and manufacturers, who had been in business at this address for almost sixty years prior to the conversion of this building to residential housing in 2007. Klauber Bros. were founded in 1943 by Ludwig Klauber (1900-1999) and his brother, Ernest Klauber (1891-1961). The company began in Munich, Germany, but suffered Nazi confiscation in 1938. Passenger lists for transatlantic ships show both Ludwig and Ernest Klauber arriving at the port of New York in 1939. Ernest was accompanied by his wife and son. They were fleeing Europe from the port of Le Verdon (Bordeaux) in Nov. 1939. Naturalization records show that Ludwig Klauber became a citizen, age 41, in 1941. Ernest Klauber was naturalized in 1945.

Klauber Bros. moved here to 114 E. 32nd St. in 1948. They were still in business here in 2002, and moved only shortly before this photo was taken (2007). As of Feb. 2009, Klauber Brothers are located at 980 6th Ave. (near 36th St.), now in their sixth generation of family management. Visit their website at http://www.klauberlace.com.

Actually, this was the second instance of Klauber Bros. The earlier Klauber Bros. ran from approx. 1892 until 1926. The brothers in this earlier company were David Klauber (1852-d. bet. 1905 & 1910) and Samuel Klauber (1856-1922). These Klaubers were natives of Friedrichshof, Austria (probably a town in Bohemia (now Czech Republic), rather than the current Friedrichshof, Austria, which is located about 50 km. southeast of Vienna).

David Klauber seems to have been in business in New York earliest: as "David Klauber, Embroideries and Laces" from 1892. From 1899 to 1907 David Klauber had a partnership with Michael Horn, Klauber, Horn & Co.. The business name changed to Klauber Bros. in 1907. Samuel Klauber is listed as a member of Klauber, Horn & Co. in 1904. In 1908 second generation Klaubers joined Klauber Bros.: Arthur Klauber (1882-1952) and Leonard Eugene Klauber (1883-1962). Arthur Klauber was David's son, and Leonard E. Klauber was Samuel's son. By 1910 Leonard's brother, Alfred Samter Klauber (1885-1949), also joined. A little later, Edward Klauber (1889-1959) and Murray Klauber (1891-1965), two more of David Klauber's sons, were involved in the company. This succession of letterheads describe Klauber Bros. products and addresses in 1920, 1922 and 1924.

In 1926 this business closed. In the U. S. Census of 1930 only Leonard Klauber listed his occupation as "laces." Alfred, Arthur and Edward Klauber appear in this census as stock brokers.

When Ludwig and Ernest Klauber re-established their business in New York (1943) they obtained permission from the earlier Klauber family to use the business name Klauber Bros.

Much of my information concerning the present Klauber Bros. comes from Roger Klauber, Ernest Klauber's son, who lent gracious and much appreciated time clarifying the history of this family-owned business. Roger Klauber appears on the ship manifest of the SS Manhattan arriving at the port of New York 15 Nov. 1939, where he is listed as Otto Adolf Klauber, age 15 years and 3 months, student. Otto Adolf Klauber changed his name to Roger Klauber after arriving in the U. S. He was president of Klauber Bros. approx. 15 or 20 years, before transferring responsibility to his son, Mark Klauber.

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