Fortuna Jewelry

Fortuna Jewelry, 1141 Broadway (1994)

This sign was painted by Bob Middleton of the Mack Sign Co. in the late 1980s. Bob's memory of this sign goes as follows: "The Fortuna Jewelry job was owned by Chinese jewelers and if I'm not mistaken there are Chinese symbols on the job. Before I painted them I made a full size layout on paper (Pounce) and showed it to them. I figured that I would have to make sure it read right. It's a good thing I did because at least five chinamen would say "It comes to a point", no it doesn't it's "Rounded", no it isn't supposed to, it's supposed to "Slant Down on Top" No, No, No, It's not, it's just too "Wide" on top, etc.etc.etc. I certainly didn't know and I really didn't care. That's not the only time we had trouble with a Chinese sign." (For more on Mack Sign Co. see the Mack page.)

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