Wolf Paper & Twine
Wolf Paper & Twine, 678-680 6th Ave. between 21st & 22nd Sts. (2002)

Wolf Paper & Twine was founded by Wolf Lubitz (1885-1968), a Russian immigrant, in 1916. They occupied these two buildings on 6th Ave. from the 1940s until early 2003. (Prior to that time they were located at 21 E. 14 St. (1916), 8 E. 17 St. (1925), and 15 W. 17 St. (1933)). In Feb/March 2003 they relocated around the corner to 52 W. 22 St. Then in late summer 2004 Wolf Paper closed its doors to business, merging with Wrap-N-Pack, Farmingdale, Long Island.

Some time in the years between 1997 and 2002 Wolf re-painted the sign on the south side of their buildings. In 1990 it looked like this, in 1997 like this, in 2002 like this. Then in between, in 1998, it was'nt Wolf at all, but something called Salem. It's not what you expect! But what was it? Apprently, this was an ad for Salem cigarettes...

The address given in the earlier sign is 678 rather than 680 6th Ave. Although the awning on the righthand building in the picture above reads: "680 The Wolf Paper & Twine Co. Inc. 675-4870", one suspects that at an earlier date this building was numbered 678.

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