BFO, Men's Clothing, 149 5th Ave. at 21st St. (1987)

This sign faced north on the Broadway side of the building. BFO was located here for about ten years from the mid-1980s until 1996/97. Rangely Clothes, Inc., 149 5th Ave., New York City, registered BFO as a trademark in 1974 (first use 1972) as a retail men's clothing store. BFO stands for Buyers Factory Outlet, a chain of menswear stores in the New York area.

A beautiful classic image of the Flatiron Building by the photographer Rudy Burckhardt shows this wall in 1947, when the wall had an ad for the Bank for Savings, Park Ave. South at 22nd St.

The German photographer, Thomas Struth, has a photograph that includes this wall in 1978. At that time the Bank for Savings ad was still there.

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