Barry Supply Co.
Barry Supply Co., 36 W. 17th St. (2007)

The website accessed in Jan. 2014 would indicate that Barry Supply Co. is still in business at 36 W. 17th St. However, when this photo was taken in June 2007, the door was padlocked, the display window emptied, and a For Rent sign posted. It would seem that Barry Supply supplied "Hard To Get Items" from this location approximately 1966 to 2007.

An earlier image from March 2003 shows Barry Supply when it was still in business at 36 W. 17th St.

The barrysupply website includes the following about their products: "Since World War II, there have been many manufacturers of metal, vinyl and wood windows and doors established in the USA. Some of these companies had a life span of a few years while some are still in business. Many of the manufacturers who went out of business, and current ones, used and use hardware that is very unique in its design. That meant that, if a window or door was in perfectly good operating condition, except for broken or worn out hardware, it would have to be replaced if the hardware wasn't available. We are specialists in duplicating obsolete window and door hardware, as well as miscellaneous hardware items of a similar nature. We can furnish almost anything that you might require either by having it in stock or by making it in our shop. Some of the items which we furnish regularly are window and sliding door handles and operators (we have the equipment and patterns to make more than 1,000 different types). We also have parts and hardware for double hung, slider, tilt and turn and casement windows. Our company and our affiliates have been in business for more than 70 years. Barry Supply Div., almost 50 years. It is impractical and virtually impossible to catalog our line of parts. While some companies have catalogs with nice photos or drawings, it is still hard to find the exact item. That is why we require samples to be sent to us or you can email very good and clear pictures to us. We will advise you without delay of what we can supply you and the pricing. It will be a real pleasure to hear from you and helping you at any time. Thank you and have a pleasant day. Barry Wein - General Manager Carlos DeJesus - Parts Manager"

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