Siegel Cooper
Siegel Cooper Co, 249 W. 17th St. (2005)

This was a warehouse and wagon house used by the Siegel Cooper Dry Goods Store (620 6th Ave. between 18th & 19th Sts.). Constructed in 1902, at an estimated cost of $200,000, it is described in New York City Dept. of Buildings records (New Building notice 437) as a 6-story brick storage building, 97.7 x 184 feet, running through the block to 18th St. (Thanks to the Office for Metropolitan History for making this information accessible on the internet!)

It was designed by the same architects, De Lemos & Cordes, who designed the 6th Ave. store. (Click for image of De Lemos & Cordes plaque at 620 6th Ave.) The same stylized S C Co is found on both buildings. This one is on the 18th St. end of the building above. This one is on the 19th St. side of the 6th Ave. building. The warehouse version is considerably less florid. There is yet another version over the 18th St. entrance of the 6th Ave. building (click for image).

The Encyclopedia of Chicago has a nice summary entry for Siegel, Cooper & Co., a discount department store founded in Chicago in 1887.

The Biggert Collection of Architectural Vignettes at Columbia University contains a Siegel Cooper receipt (for one pail) dated 5 October 1899. The letterhead shows "The Big Store" at Sixth Avenue between 18th and 19th Sts. Company officers are Henry Siegel, Pres.; F. H. Cooper, Vice-Pres.; Gerson Siegel, 2d Vice-Pres.; and B. J. Greenhut, Sec'y.

A 1905 Siegel Cooper ad is found in the New York Public Library's Picture Collection.

De Lemos and Cordes also designed the New York County National Bank at 8th Ave. & 14th St. and the Henry Heide building at Hudson St. & Vandam St.

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