Mack Trucks
Mack Trucks, 625 W. 42 St. between 11th & 12th Aves. (2003)

Mack Trucks (originally Mack Brothers) was founded in the 1890s by John M. and Augustus F. Mack (Jack and Gus) in Brooklyn. In 1893 the brothers had bought the Fallesen and Berry carriage company, and they produced their first motorized truck in 1900. In 1905, they moved the company to Allentown, Penn. where they are still located. For more on Mack's history visit their website at

In the early 1920s Mack Trucks established offices in New York, and they opened a "service station" at 252 W. 64th St. Around 1936 the service station (now called Sales & Service) moved to 625 W. 42nd St. This sign possibly dates from around that time. They continued at this address until the late 1950s, then switched to a nearby building at 604 W. 43 St.

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