Adler Shoes
Adler Shoes, 141 W. 42nd St. between 6th Ave. & Broadway (1986)

ADLER SHOES For MEN / Build up your ego, Amigo! / ELEVATORS /
Height-increasing shoes /
"Now you can be taller than she is"

Click here for later (1989) image that shows the bottom line a little clearer.

In 1922/23 Adler Shoes had about a dozen locations in Manhattan from 14th St. up to 125th St. Principals were Jesse Adler, president; Jacob H. Adler, vice president; Arthur H. Adler, secretary, and Samuel Adler, treasurer - all very much a family business.

The first Adler Shoe Store was at 125th St. and 3rd Ave., founded by the brothers, Jacob H. and Samuel Adler in 1889. Jacob H. Adler died in 1939, age 80, and Samuel died a few years later in 1943. Jesse and Arthur H. Adler were Jacob H. Adler's sons. A third son, Herbert, also worked in the business.

Adler opened its store at 141 W. 42 St. around 1949/50 and continued in this location until 1995/96, its final outlet in New York.

Elevators as a trademark for men's shoes was registered by the Stone-Tarlow Co. of Brockton, Mass. in the 1950s (first use in commerce 1940). (Were they the manufacturers and Adler the retail outlet?)

The connection between the radio comedian, Henry Morgan, and Adler Elevator shoes is detailed in the Life Magazine (14 April 1947) article available as a google book.

The sign is similar to ads that appear in the Manhattan telephone directories during the 1950s and 1960s. See, for instance, this one from 1960-61. Probably the sign dates from around this time.

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