Chas F. Noyes
Chas. F. Noyes Co., Pennsylvania Building, 225 W. 34th St. (2003)

Chas. F. Noyes Co., Inc. Agent on Premises - this sign was painted in the late 1940s or early 1950s by Harry Middleton of Mack Sign Co. (For more on Mack Sign Co. see the Mack page.)

The company was established in 1903 when Charles Floyd Noyes (1878-1969) bought out his partner, Irving P. Lovejoy (1875-?), and renamed Lovejoy & Noyes the Charles F. Noyes company. Click for ad from 1926. The Manhattan telephone directory indicates that Noyes managed the Pennsylvania Building from around 1951 through 1980.

Some of Charles Noyes' early history is recounted at

Pennsylvania Building (1925), 23 stories, architects Schwartz & Gross. Graduates of the Hebrew Technical Institue, Simon I. Schwartz (1877?-1956) and Arthur Gross (1877-1950) "began their lucrative practice in 1902" (quoting The Hebrew Technical Institute was a vocational school located at 34-36 Stuyvesant St. (later Stuyvesant Place) established in 1884 that closed in 1939. Notable among other Schwartz & Gross architectural designs are Colosseum Apartments (1910), southeast corner of Riverside Drive and 116th St. and Hotel Lincoln (1928), east side of 8th Ave. between 44th St. and 45th St.

A much larger Pennsylvania Bldg sign can be seen in a photograph dated 1929 by Percy Loomis Sperr (1890-1964) available in the Digital Collections of the New York Public Library.

This sign at 180 Madison Ave. (southwest corner of 34th St.) seems to be another Chas. F. Noyes, Agent on Premises.

  Pennsylvania Building

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