Schnuerer & Murray / Hanco / Conway
Schnuerer & Murray, etc., 15-17 E. 32nd St. (2006)

Three readable signs within the four horizontal signs hiding behind the pipe here are:

Schnuerer & Murray / Leather Goods: Schnuerer was Alfred Schnuerer (born Austria, 10 June 1877, immigrated ca. 1898/1900). Murray was James C. Murray (born New York, ca. 1882, died 27 March 1943). Their partnership in leather goods and ladies handbags manufacture began in the mid-1900s on Lafayette St. In January 1930 notice appeared in the New York Times of the dissolution of this partnership by mutual consent. Both men appear in the U. S. Census of 1930 citing occupation as "none." But both continued in the leather goods business shortly after. Murray's obituary in the Times states that he was "for twenty-five years ... associated with the firm of Schnuerer & Murray, manufacturers of handbags, and later was president of the Raynuer Bag Company and James C Murray & Co." Schnuerer & Murray were located here on 32nd St. from 1914 to 1928.

Hanco Negligees / H. Hanchrow & Co: Harry Hanchrow (1894-1986) did business as H. Hanchrow & Co., Hanco Negligees, and Tailor Made Robe Inc. H. Hanchrow and Hanco started in 1922, moved to 15 E. 32nd St. in 1925, where they stayed until 1935. In 1935 Hanco, etc. moved to 112 Madison Ave.

Jim Conway / Negligees ?: Jim Conway was originally Conway & Katek (or Kateb?) at this location from 1925 to 1932. The company name changed to Jim Conway around 1928. The business moved to 102 Madison Ave. in 1932 and stayed in business until around 1940. Conway was James C. Conway (1893-?). In 1917 Conway, age 23, registrered for the World War I draft while a "commercial salesman" for the Sanborn Mfg. Co. at 16 W. 22nd St. Sanborn manufactured raincoats, and the sign immediately beneath Hulse Bros. & Daniel at that location may be a sign for Sanborn.

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