Arthur L. Powell
Arthur L. Powell, 12 W. 31st St. (2004)

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 Dresses Inc.
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 Mourning Dresses
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Arthur L. Powell, Dresses, Inc. was preceded at this address by Kraus, Hand & Powell, Inc. (Morris Kraus and Michael J. Hand were the other partners) who were also dress manufacturers. Arthur Lee Powell (1881-?) took over and renamed the company in 1916. His older brother, Sidney Stanley Powell (1877-?) was his un-named partner. Both brothers registered for the World War I draft in 1918, Arthur as President of Arthur L. Powell Inc. and Sidney as Secretary and Treasurer. For a short period (1919-1921) the company went by the name A. L. & S. S. Powell, Dresses. Sidney seems to have left the company in 1921, and the name reverted to Arthur L. Powell Co. at that time. Click here for 1923 Buyer's Wants ad. The Artwell Co. was an offshoot specializing in mourning dresses.

Arthur L. Powell Co. left 31st Street in 1925. Click here for 1927 ad from 256 W. 38th St. Late in the 1920s the company is listed as "purchasing agents," and Powell himself appears in the US Census of 1930 as "Buyer / Mens Styles." Apparently the company had stopped manufacturing by this time, although it stayed in business on W. 34th St. until the early 1960s. In 1940 Arthur L. Powell was president of the National Association of Commission Representatives, a buyer's association.

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