Manheimer Building
Manheimer Building, 369 7th Ave. between 30th and 31st Streets (2003)

The inscription on the Manheimer Building was not original with its construction. In fact, it would be no earlier than 1919 when Joseph Manheimer bought the building. As recorded in the New York Times, 23 May 1919, pg. 21, "Berlowitz & Caine have sold for Henry Ungrich to Joseph Manheimer 369 Seventh Avenue, a four-story and basement building with stores, on lot 21x75."

Joseph Manheimer (1878-1949) appears in the 1900 U. S. Census, age 21, born New York, the son of Meier and Hannah Manheimer, living at 117 E. 82nd St., Manhattan. His father's occupation was real estate, and this also became the occupation of Joseph Manheimer. He appeared in New York city directories in 1914 as "real estate, 204 W. 34th St.," living at 223 W. 33rd St., then in the 1917 New York telephone directory as "real estate, 212 E. 60th St."

A year later, 1918, he registered for the World War I draft when he was 39 years old, born 17 September 1878. His occupation was " Real Estate, Joseph Manheimer, 212 East 60th St. NYC." In 1920 Manheimer's business address changed to 369 7th Ave

In 1924 Manheimer bought additional 7th Ave. properties, adjacent to No. 369, as reported in the New York Tribune, 20 Jan. 1924, pg. B1, "Joseph Manheimer purchased from Edward T. Kennard and Jesse Milne 365-367 Seventh Avenue, a 42-foot plot between Thirtieth and Thirty-first streets, opposite the Penn Terminal Building and on the block adjoining the new Equitable Life Building, in the course of construction. The property has been in the Kennard family since 1850. The purchaser also owns the adjoining property, 369 Seventh Avenue, and now controls an avenue frontage of 63 feet. Manheimer Bros., Inc., were the brokers."

Joseph Manheimer's business address remained 369 7th Ave. until his death in 1949. In 1950 the telephone directory entry changed to "Manheimer Jos Mrs b 369 7 Av PEnna 6-6536." Mrs. Joseph Manheimer was listed at this address through 1976.

Mrs. Joseph Manheimer was born Blanche Sherer in Easton, Pennsylvania, 11 March 1892 and died in New York City 23 December 1983. She married Joseph Manheimer ca. 1920. The couple had no children.

In the 1880 U. S. Census, along with Meier Manheimer, with his son Joseph, age 2, living at 227 West 33rd St., New York City, were two additional Manheimer families living at 223 West 33rd St. These were Marx Manheimer and Israel Manheimer. The three Manheimers were possibly brothers. Marx Manheimer was the father of two sons who later constituted Manheimer Bros., Real Estate. These were Morris Manheimer (1875-1932) and Louis Manheimer (1886/87-1946). Manheimer Bros. were in business from 1907 to 1946 and were located next door to 369 7th Avenue at 365 7th Avenue from 1933 to 1937. This ad for apartments in Harlem through Manheimer Bros. appeared in the New York Amsterdam News in 1930 when their offices were across the street at 360 7th Ave.

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