Grolier Craft / L. Kehlmann
Grolier Craft Press / L. Kehlmann Co., 229 W. 28th St. near 8th Ave. (2003)

Two signs are still readable on this the east wall of the Caxton Building on 28th St. (Click for entrance.):

Grolier Craft Press / Commercial Printers


L. Kehlmann Co. / Printing - Embossing: founded by Leopold Kehlmann (1870-1932). Kehlmann immigrated from Russia in 1890 and established a printing business downtown on the East Side in 1896 with Aaron Abramsohn (1867-?) (also a Russian immigrant in 1890) first on Clinton St. and later on Essex. This partnership dissolved around 1900 when Kehlmann set up on his own on E. 32d St. as "Printers and Importers and Mfrs. of Cigarette Paper." This business moved to 176 Centre St. around 1904, then to 202 Centre St. in 1908.

This ad appeared in Trow's New York City Business Directory, 1906, when Kehlmann was located at 176 Centre St.

Around 1908 Kehlmann set up a 2nd business on Mott St. where he worked with a cousin, Charles Kehlmann (1876-?, immigrant from Russia in 1898). At least two other cousins, Harry Kehlmann and Nathan Kehlmann (born Russia 25-Nov-1884, immigrated ca 1903), joined the business approx. 1910/12.

The move to 229 W. 28th St. came in 1917. There is no mention of cigarette paper from this time forward. Presumably the L. Kehlmann Co. by this time was solely involved in the printing business. Leopold Kehlmann died 9 July 1932, age 63. Harry Kehlmann (one of the cousins, born Lithuania, 1881) and Emanuel Kehlmann (Charles' son, born New York, 1909) continued the business, as Kehlmann Printing Co. at 151 W. 25th St. until some time around the mid 1960s.

These signs exist in almost exact mirror image on the west wall of this building.

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