Haddad & Sons, Fashion Apparel, 1181 Broadway at 28th St. (1991)

Haddad & Sons seems to derive from Eli Haddad "fancy goods" at 50 Allen St. in 1920 (& Son was added a year later). This became Haddad & Son (Saul & Eli) "silk underwear" in 1925, then Saul & Eli "linens" at 513 Broadway in 1933-34. The name changed to Haddad & Sons a year or so later when the firm moved to 313 Fifth Ave.

Around 1960 Haddad & Sons opened offices in Bayonne, New Jersey (East 5 & Hobart Ave.), but they have retained a New York location around the midtown area of Broadway and the west 20s throughout. In the early 1980s this became 1178 Broadway across the street from the building above at 28th Street.

This space currently (May 2003) displays a sign for Hadson Realty, a "Member of the Haddad Organization." Hadson became a real estate off-shoot from Haddad & Sons some time in the 1940s. The two signs have the same phone number 685-4141!

The earlier sign for Haddad Fashion Apparel was painted by the Mack Sign Co. (For more on Mack Sign Co. see the Mack page.)

There are numerous other Hadson signs in this area. Across the street at 1170 Broadway between 27th and 28th Streets is this one (also a Mack sign) photographed Jan. 2005.

The Haddad Organziation, with executive offices in Bayonne, seems to serve as an umbrella group for several Haddad enterprises. The apparel side has become Haddad Apparel.

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