Savoy, etc.
Savoy Dress Co., etc., 109 W. 26th St. (2004)

The Savoy Dress Co. was primarily the property of Isidor Solomon (ca1890-?), an immigrant from Russia in 1906. The business was located on E. 17th St. until around 1919/1920 when they moved to 109 W. 26th St. where they remained for about 5 years. In 1924 they moved to 247 W. 36th St. (and later back to W. 26th St. at number 253), then went out of business around 1930. During the lifetime of the business Solomon had several partners including Charles Vogel, Samuel Jacobs (ca1896-?) and Samuel Sprintz (1885-1977).

Also on this wall:

Freed & Rapkin, Coats / Cloth & Pile? dates from 1917. The partners were Ely Freed (6 Oct. 1886-1969, born Minsk, Russia) and Henry Rapkin (17 June 1893-1987, born Russia). Both men registered for the World War I draft in 1917 as partners in Freed & Rapkin. They located their "cloak" factory at 109 W. 26th St. in 1918. The partnership dissolved in the early 1920s. Ely Freed became a partner with Julius Weinstein at Belmore Cloak Co., and Henry Rapkin with Joseph C. Perlstein at Perlstein & Rapkin. By 1930 Ely Freed had formed his own company: Ely Freed Coat Co., 151 W. 26th St., which stayed in business until 1941. There was also a Freed Coat House on W. 26th St. from 1937 until the early 1960s, but it is not clear if this was an Ely Freed enterprise.

Liberman Horwitz & Co., Silks began as Liberman Horwitz & Co., Cloak Trimmings, at 45 W. 27th St. in 1916. There were 3 partners: Jacob Liberman, Saul Liberman (1878-?), and Samuel Horwitz (1874-?). They moved to 109 W. 26th St. in 1918, and then closed for business in 1924. Saul Liberman appears in the US Census for 1930 living in White Plains with wife and 5 children. Apparently having left the cloak trimming business, he lists occupation as "realtor - real estate." A second Liberman Horwitz sign survives on the east wall of this building (click for image).

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