Montauk Rug & Carpet
Montauk Rug & Carpet Corp., 109 W. 24th St. (2002)

In 1993 the Montauk Rug & Carpet sign at 109 W. 24th Street was in a different position on this wall. It was a vertical sign above the 2002 sign as well as a horizontal sign stretching across the top of the building (the two "Montauks" shared the same M). Also, the vertical sign was positioned above what earlier would have been a building next door. (Click for image.)

Montauk Rug & Carpet Co. began in 1925 as Montauk Rug Mills Inc., located at 156 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY. This ad for Montauk Rug Mills appeared in Billboard, 24 April 1926.

In 1932 Montauk Rug Mills moved from Brooklyn to 57 East 11th St., Manhattan. Two years later (1934) this business was listed as Montauk Manufacturing Corp. at this address in the Manhattan telephone directory. Then in 1938 Montauk Mfg. Co. moved to 40 West 24th St. and again in 1942 to 109-111 West 24th St. The business name remained Montauk Mfg. Co. until 1947, when they became the Montauk Rug & Carpet Co.

As of April 2015 they were still Montauk Rug & Carpet Co. at 109-111 West 24th St. By the 1970s, however, they had opened a second location in Farmingdale, Nassau County, Long Island. This ad from 1977 gives their address on Price Parkway, in Farmingdale. Both locations are currently (April 2015) in operation. You can visit their website at

The founder of Montauk Rug & Carpet was Samuel Fruchter (1891-1969). His 1942 World War II draft registration identified him as Samuel Fruchter, age 51, born 20 December 1891, Chernowitz, Austria. He lived at 186 East 38th St., Brooklyn, New York, and he said that he was self employed at 111 West 24th St., New York City.

Samuel Fruchter was succeeded in the business by his son, Phillip Fruchter (1923-2009). An obituary posted on Rug News in 2009 read, "FARMINGDALE, NY -- Funeral services will be held on Wednesday, Jan. 28 for Phillip Fruchter, longtime president of Montauk Rug & Carpet. He died Saturday, Jan. 24 at the age of 85. . . . Mr. Fruchter was born May 22, 1923 in Brooklyn, NY. He served as a First Lieutenant in the US Army Air Corp. during World War II and flew 33 missions over Europe. He was decorated with the Distinguished Flying Cross. He is survived by his widow, Joan, son Stephen; daughters Dian Martucci (Joseph) and Audrey Drost Allen (Edward), and four grandchildren. Mr. Fruchter was the long-time president of Montauk Rug & Carpet which has been family owned and operated since 1925. The company operates stores in Farmingdale and New York City. Stephen Fruchter is currently president of the company."

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