Barry's Records Tapes
Barry's Records Tapes, 119 E. 23rd St. near Park Ave. South (2003)

Barry's Stereo & Sound was in business here on 23rd St. until quite recently (February, 2003). They opened at a nearby location around 1975 and moved to 119 E. 23 about ten years later. The signs, then, date in the range 1985-2000. As of Sept. 2003 Barry's has re-located to Staten Island.

The Bar Restaurant sign on the building next door dates to an earlier time.

By 15 May 2003 Barry's was demolished and Bar Restaurant was hanging on for dear life... On 5 June 2003 I got my last photo of Bar Restaurant reduced to a fragment. This was my first image of Bar Restaurant taken in Jan., 1987.

The bar was the Gramercy Oyster Bar and Grill located at 121 E. 23rd St. from around 1940 to 1960. An image from 1938 on the New York Public Library's Digital Collections shows the same location with a sign for O'Brien's Cafeteria Bar.

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