L. J. Loeffler Intercoms, 195 10th Ave. between 21st and 22nd Sts. (2003)

The sign says "Est 1898." (click for detail.) The first reference I found in Trow's New York City Directory was in the 1901 issue: "Louis J. Loeffler telephones 62 Fulton h 169 Rich rd Stapleton B R." Loeffler appears in the U S Census of 1900 living at this address (169 Richmond Road, Stapleton, Staten Island) with his wife Louisa. The census records that he was born in Germany, March 1875, immigrated to the US in 1891, and remained at that time an alien resident. Loeffler filed a petition for naturalization in New York 18 Oct 1901, which states that he arrived in the US on 16 Oct 1884... (click for image.)

Loeffler Intercoms is new at this address, having arrived only approx. 1995. The business name Loeffer Intercoms derives from the late 1980s. Before then the firm was known as L. J. Loeffler Inc. Over the years they have manufactured telephones, telephone supplies, telephone switchboards and intercom systems.

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